You need a lively space with catering, a partial restructuring to operate, a food court to create? LARGO helps you during each phase (studies, advisory, values, brands development ...)!

Creating a new concept? LARGO puts its creativity and expertise to help the project leader until the opening and then supports and develops its network.

LARGO is a team of independent professionals, operating a network in synergy with every specialists of the restoration business and its specificities.

This structure has been run by Thierry RENARD since January 1, 2017, a trade specialist for more than 20 years, and a former member of HAMMERSON, CUSHMAN WAKEFIELD, APSYS, but also the founder and former president of IDOINE and the Association de Compétences – ADC. Passionate by this restoration business, Thierry RENARD is the co-founder of the RESTOPOLIS foodpark concept that will open its doors in the Paris area in 2018.


By your side to win!


    To the retailers:
    • We define, on behalf of retailers, the offer and the ad hoc size of the restoration, within their commercial spaces.
    • We define the objective rental grid and estimate the turnover and effort rates for each proposed anticipated restauration brand.
    • We prepare the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of the future restaurants, in consultation with the technical teams landlord.
    To the future restorators:
    • We help future restorators in the search of the best location under suitable conditions.
    • We are helping the retailers to negotiate with the owners, the commercial lease and help them to defend their constraints in a concerted manner.
    • We follow the future restaurant owner until the opening of his restaurant and we continue to keep in touch with the retailer if needed.
    To the public authorities:
    • We are developing the public actors and decision-makers awareness in the restoration business by producing studies, market trends and brands development presentations.
    • We support local elected representatives and their development teams on this issue, particularly in the context of urban development (ZAC, building footprints, restructuring, etc.).
    • We work alongside cities that delegate urban development to private entities, either through PPP or through ad hoc competitions, to help provide a relevant view of what the heart of the city and urban shopping center needs.

    Great trend of the moment, but…

    No matter what kind of developer, promoter or merchandiser you are, do you always know which brands are leading the way in terms of performance, the precise ratios of the sector that constitutes the restoration, the surfaces suitable for a specific concept, the objective rental prices not to exceed from one another, the possible combination of one brand with another, the KVA and expectations necessary you need to expect before any implementation, the reasonable number of restaurants you have to foresee, the size of the whole project versus the catchment area, etc...?
    LARGO offers you to answer with precision these questions so that the space dedicated to the restoration thus created is coherent, attractive and sustainable.

    Trust us with your catering spaces and we will make them desirable!


    The restoration is very prolific in this matter, but…

    As excellent a restaurant idea or new concept can be, it is necessary that this one sticks to the local, national or even international clientele's expectation.
    LARGO puts at the disposal of creators a pool of professionals who are experienced in creating concepts, both in terms of interior and architectural creation, as well as aspects of financial equilibrium, card, menus and even clothing and products derived from the concept thus created ex-nihilo! At the earliest stages of each creation, LARGO presents its catalog of services to the entrepreneur, who then chooses the ad hoc services (similar to opening drawers) in order to meet its expectations in the best possible way.


    Once the concept has been identified, or even planned out, make sure you are knocking on the rigth door!

    LARGO helps and supports brands and catering groups wishing to develop in France, whether in the city center, a shopping center or in a Retail Park. LARGO teams are familiar with the national territory and most of the owners and designers of the commercial spaces in France.

    In addition to having information about our new projects or major reorganization, our teams are well placed to propose to the retailers the concepts that we represent and stand for.


Let's meet up!

~ OUR PROJECT OF THE MONTH! ~ Number Steak House

Each month, we honor a project or a brand name that LARGO help and support.

This month LARGO has just advised the JD NUMBER group to set up its NUMBER STEAK HOUSE on 1100 m²

Click here to discover it and contact us for any information.


They trust us!

  • Hugo Café
  • Carmila
  • Number Steak House
  • Bo Sushi
  • Codic
  • Let's Wok
  • Food Asia
  • Célesta Buffet
  • Chic'n Grill
  • Espace Wok
  • Subtils Délices
  • Yuki Sushi
  • World Food House
  • Pho House
  • Basilic Thai




"LARGO supports the association PLANET TERANGA, for African women"


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We are at your service...

All LARGO teams will always be happy to answer your questions or to meet you on request. For all services presented and according to the work planned, LARGO undertakes to propose a quote between 48H and 8 days maximum.


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